September 3, 2023: Fifemastor

Thanks for supp🎶I remember the day, heard Otha say, if it don’t be me y’all, gon be Sharde, but now he’s gone and I don’t worry…..Sittin’ on top of the world”. 🎤🎶

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Do you have the Rising Stars new album???? If not, go download it NOOOOWWWW. Check out our fall tour dates, may be coming to a city near you. 🥁🪘💫

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August 21, 2023, Sharde Thomas, Rising Stars Fife & Drum Band, recorded LIVE! in the Radio-Memphis Studio on the ‘Booze & Blues’ Worldwide Webcast!

Listen live to the Radio-Memphis “Booze & Blues” show every Sunday 8-11pm, C.T. (U.S.) and the Radio-Memphis worldwide webcast 24/7 at:

• Website: http://www.Radio-Memphis.com/

(click on: Watch Live Now)

• On your mobile device, use the TuneIn Radio #FREEAPP (search for Radio Memphis)

• On your TV with ROKU & Apple TV, use the Livestream #FREEAPP (search for Radio Memphis)

August 2023: Coldwater, MS: Red’s & 73rd G.O.A.T.

Thanks for supporting and showing love to the Rising Stars❤️❤️🥁🪘💫🐐

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Kenny Brown will be hitting the stage August 26th at 8pm. Everybody Hollerin’ Gooooaaaatttt🐐

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August 14, 2023: Griffin Winton – Jason Freeman

Look who’s performing at the G.O.A.T Picnic🐐🐐.We have a special treat August 25th at 7pm. Griffin Winston is a folk singer and songwriter from Tennessee. Be sure to check out his set.Jason Freeman will be hitting the stage August 25th at 7:30pm. Jason is known for several movies, but his highlights were “Hustle & Flow” and “Footloose”. He will be performing a mixture of country, blues and Gospel music. I hope you’re ready to unwind and Holler GOAT🪈🥁🪘💫🐐.(EARLY ARRIVAL IS SUGGESTED)

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August 12, 2023: Jones & Webster – R. L. Boyce

Look who’s performing at the 73rd Annual G.O.A.T Picnic👀🤩😎.A international blues and roots duo known as Jones and Webster will be hitting the stage August 25th at 6:30pm. Jones and Webster will be a special treat, so get there early to grab a good seat. Juke Jones BluesRL Boyce B.K.A the Big Blues Mane will be in the house helping us celebrate. Grammy nominee and a National Heritage fellow……The Big Blues Mane will be hitting the stage at 7pm August 26th. I hope you’re ready to Boogie and Holler GOAT🐐🪈🥁🪘💫.(EARLY ARRIVAL IS SUGGESTED)

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June 8, 2023: 73rd G.O.A.T. Picnic

Hey good people, let’s get ready for the 73rd Annual The GOAT Picnic August 25th and 26th at the Northwest Shrine Club in Coldwater, MS. The G.O.A.T Picnic is a free event and will be held inside and outside of the Shrine Club. We will have food vendors on site, live music rolling and our famous goat nachos will be hot and ready. Be sure to bring your lawn chairs, dancing shoes, an appetite and plenty of family and friends……All ages are welcome. The 73rd Annual G.O.A.T Picnic will be one for the books.

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May & June 2023: Germany & London

The baddest bad from Mississippi B.K.A the Rising Stars will be playing at Kulturring Schöppingen festival and at the Red Rooster Festival with the Take Me to the River All Stars. Germany and London get ready for the Stars.

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#RisingStars will be marching in and bringing the fonk with the Dirty Dozen Brass band in Germany and London! A combo that you dont wanna miss🥁🪘

Mar 21, 2023: Sitting on Top of the World (feat. Sharde Thomas & G. Love)

So excited to release my new single Sitting on Top of The World featuring G. Love….. produced by CmalProductions. Release date is this Friday, March 24th. Preorder is available NOW!!!!

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Available March 24, 2023

This song pays homage to everyone who did it in the past all the way back to 1926!

Its our job as the young generation of musicians/producers to break down the genre barriers and evolve music to help kids understand and love this music that is disappearing.

The original song currently sits preserved in the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress.

Streaming this Friday on all streaming platforms

Sitting on Top of The World (feat. Sharde Thomas & G. Love)

Download Sittin On Top of the World

Mississippi Sheiks – 1926 (Recorded 1930)

Milton Brown

Howlin Wolf

Jack White

Otha Turner (Station Blues)

and many others!

Mar 19, 2023: How it Started vs How it’s Going

How it started vs how it’s going…..26yrs later and it’s pretty darn good🤩😎.

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Mar 8, 2023: In the Lab Cooking with Chris Mallory

Mar 5, 2023: Mississippi Blues: Wanderers Welcome

I can finally share the secret😂😂….. catch Chris Mallory and I in the Visit MS commercial. Rising Stars is definitely representing Mississippi🤩😎.\

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Last year Chris Mallory and I started performing with just a bass drum and the fife. I don’t like major changes and definitely didn’t know what to expect, but the crowds gave us standing ovations so that was my approval😂. A few shows and a year later we are happy and finally ready to present it….The Rising Stars presents: The Evolution of Fife and Drum music. Be sure to catch the show March 30th at Blue Tavern in Tallahassee, FL.

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