September 3, 2023: Fifemastor

Thanks for supp🎶I remember the day, heard Otha say, if it don’t be me y’all, gon be Sharde, but now he’s gone and I don’t worry…..Sittin’ on top of the world”. 🎤🎶

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Do you have the Rising Stars new album???? If not, go download it NOOOOWWWW. Check out our fall tour dates, may be coming to a city near you. 🥁🪘💫

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August 21, 2023, Sharde Thomas, Rising Stars Fife & Drum Band, recorded LIVE! in the Radio-Memphis Studio on the ‘Booze & Blues’ Worldwide Webcast!

Listen live to the Radio-Memphis “Booze & Blues” show every Sunday 8-11pm, C.T. (U.S.) and the Radio-Memphis worldwide webcast 24/7 at:

• Website: http://www.Radio-Memphis.com/

(click on: Watch Live Now)

• On your mobile device, use the TuneIn Radio #FREEAPP (search for Radio Memphis)

• On your TV with ROKU & Apple TV, use the Livestream #FREEAPP (search for Radio Memphis)

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