Mar 21, 2023: Sitting on Top of the World (feat. Sharde Thomas & G. Love)

So excited to release my new single Sitting on Top of The World featuring G. Loveā€¦.. produced by CmalProductions. Release date is this Friday, March 24th. Preorder is available NOW!!!!

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Available March 24, 2023

This song pays homage to everyone who did it in the past all the way back to 1926!

Its our job as the young generation of musicians/producers to break down the genre barriers and evolve music to help kids understand and love this music that is disappearing.

The original song currently sits preserved in the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress.

Streaming this Friday on all streaming platforms

Sitting on Top of The World (feat. Sharde Thomas & G. Love)

Download Sittin On Top of the World

Mississippi Sheiks – 1926 (Recorded 1930)

Milton Brown

Howlin Wolf

Jack White

Otha Turner (Station Blues)

and many others!

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