Jan 6, 2023: Rising Stars Spring Tour

A few years ago I said I wanted to go to Africa and on tour with my band. I got weird facial expressions, laughs, a few girl you crazy and doubts, but I can finally say it’s a blessing when your dreams and goals become a reality. I am so excited to announce that the baddest fife and drum band from Mississippi, better known as the Rising Stars going on tour. Thanks to GOD for always answering my impossible requests. Check to see if we’re coming to a city, state, or country near you🤩……we going on tour y’all🤩😎.

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Dec 22, 2022: Southaven, MS: Otha Turner Blues Trail

Last minute Christmas shopping😂😂……OAN:be sure to check out granddaddy Otha blues market next time you’re at Tanger Outlet Mall in Southaven, MS. 

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    Dec 18, 2022: Coldwater, MS: 72nd Annual G.O.A.T. PICNIC

    Video from 2022’s 72ND G.O.A.T. PICNIC: Luther Dickinson, Lamar Williams, Jr., Sharde’ Thomas & The Rising Stars 🔥🔥 #goatpicnic

    Video from the 72ND ANNUAL G.O.A.T. PICNIC:

    Dec 8, 2022: Coldwater, MS: C-Mal Productions

    In the studio on a Thursday night with the best producer, cmalproductions 🤩…hopefully my kids go easy on me tomorrow since it’s Friday. 😂

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    Dec 2, 2022: Coldwater, MS: Red’s with Lightning Malcolm

    Nov 20, 2022: Jackson, MS: Duling Hall / Visit Mississippi

    From a sold out show at Walter Anderson museum to a commercial shoot at Duling Hall, this weekend was awesome. 🤩😎 Morning/early afternoon taping of a commercial for VisitMississippi. It was good to jam with the Hill country crew.

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    Nov 14, 2022: Ocean Springs, MS: Music Inspired by the Seven Climates

    Music Inspired by the Seven Climates
    Performing live this Friday, November 18th with Luther Dickinson, Chris Mallory and many more. 7pm showtime at Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs, MS. #fifemastor #countrygirl #risingstars #fifeanddrumstyle #LutherDickinson #cmalproductions #wama #soldoutshow

    11/19/22: What a treat! Yesterday, we rode down highway 90 all the way to Ocean Springs, had Mahi Mahi dinner at Mosaic, then went to a show at the museum. As Luther Dickenson described it, it was a “culture collision.” Luther brought his mother to visit the museum years ago and was inspired to compose music to accompany the walls that sing. This is his sixth annual concert and each have been quite unique. I can’t wait to go back next year!

    Nov 6, 2022: London, England: RAK Studios

    RAK Studios
    Making big moves in London….quiet on the set 👀🤩😎
    Yup, we’re on the right path…..it’s ours 🤩😎.

    — with Chris Mallory at RAK Studios.
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    Oct 29, 2022: Senatobia, MS: Fall Festival

    Catch the Stars today at 2pm. #fifemastor #risingstars

    Oct 15, 2022: Memphis, TN: Memphis Food & Wine Festival

    Memphis Food & Wine Festival
    Oh what a night and a great show🤩🤩. Got a chance to play with my good friends, Amy and Will. Everything was awesome, especially the wine 😂
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