Nov 14, 2022: Ocean Springs, MS: Music Inspired by the Seven Climates

Music Inspired by the Seven Climates
Performing live this Friday, November 18th with Luther Dickinson, Chris Mallory and many more. 7pm showtime at Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs, MS. #fifemastor #countrygirl #risingstars #fifeanddrumstyle #LutherDickinson #cmalproductions #wama #soldoutshow

11/19/22: What a treat! Yesterday, we rode down highway 90 all the way to Ocean Springs, had Mahi Mahi dinner at Mosaic, then went to a show at the museum. As Luther Dickenson described it, it was a “culture collision.” Luther brought his mother to visit the museum years ago and was inspired to compose music to accompany the walls that sing. This is his sixth annual concert and each have been quite unique. I can’t wait to go back next year!

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