Mar 5, 2023: Mississippi Blues: Wanderers Welcome

I can finally share the secret😂😂….. catch Chris Mallory and I in the Visit MS commercial. Rising Stars is definitely representing Mississippi🤩😎.\

#fifemastor #countrygirl #risingstars #fifeanddrumstyle #visitms

Last year Chris Mallory and I started performing with just a bass drum and the fife. I don’t like major changes and definitely didn’t know what to expect, but the crowds gave us standing ovations so that was my approval😂. A few shows and a year later we are happy and finally ready to present it….The Rising Stars presents: The Evolution of Fife and Drum music. Be sure to catch the show March 30th at Blue Tavern in Tallahassee, FL.

#fifemastor #countrygirl #risingstars #fifeanddrumstyle #cmalproductions

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